Polish Films at the Cairo Film Festival

Cairo IFF 2012


Piąta pora roku (The Fifth Season of the Year) by Jerzy Domaradzki and Róża (Rosa) by Wojciech Smarzowski will screen at the 35th Cairo International Film Festival.

Screenings of Polish Films

The latest film from director Jerzy Domaradzki will screen in Main Competition. This competition’s jury members include Marco Muller, current head of the Venice Film Festival, and Polish actress Magdalena Boczarska.


Róża (Rosa) by Wojciech Smarzowski will screen in the festival’s Human Rights Competition. This competition’s jury also includes a Polish actress – Katarzyna Zawadzka. The jury will be chaired by Ghada Shahbender, screenwriter and head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.


Both Polish films at this year’s Cairo IFF were produced by Warsaw-based WFDiF studio and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The Polish premiere of Piąta pora roku (The Fifth Season of the Year) is set for December 10, 2012.

The 35th Edition of the Cairo International Film Festival

Last year’s edition of the Cairo Film Festival was cancelled due to the political situation in Egypt. This year’s event is powered by the slogan “Positive Thinking: Revolution and Freedom”. Within this context, the festival team introduced a new competition section: the International Human Rights Competition. The festival runs from November 27 through December 6, 2012.


The Cairo film festival is accredited with the FIAPF International Federation of Film Producers Associations as an international competitive film festival.


Further details about the festival available at: www.ciff.org.eg.


Translated by Karolina Kołtun