Three Polish films received awards at the World Media Festival in Hamburg.

The 2015 Intermedia Globe Grand Prix Goes to Polish Documentary Trzy na godzinę (Three Every Hour)

Trzy na godzinę (Three Every Hour), a documentary directed by Małgorzata Łupina and produced by TVN Style, received a total of three awards — the 2015 Intermedia Globe Grand Prix, the top prize in the documentary film competition, and the Intermedia Globe – Gold award in the “Human Relations and Values” category.

Two Awards for Zdobyć miasta (Reclaim the City)

Ewa Ewart’s documentary Zdobyć miasta (Reclaim the City), produced for TVN24, received the Intermedia Globe – Gold award in the “History” category. The film also received the Special “Magic Eye” Award for Best Camerawork.

Gold Award in the “Public Relations: Company Philosophy and Portrait” Category

Produced by PGNiG and PrimeMovers studio, the film PGNiG Siła wspólnego działania (POGC The Force of Shared Effort) received the Hamburg event’ top prize for a corporate film. In 2012, a film produced by PrimeMovers for the same client received two silver awards at the World Media Festival in Hamburg and the bronze award at the New York Festival.

The World Media Festival

The World Media Festival in Hamburg focuses on global media in the field of advertising, animation, documentary, education, entertainment, corporate communications, and public relations. Winners in the festival’s 14 categories are selected by an independent jury comprised of industry experts from around the world. This year’s competition featured several hundred entries from over 30 countries. The awards were presented at the festival’s awards gala in Hamburg on May 6.

Further details available at: www.worldmediafestival.org.

Based on the press release and TVN24.

Translated by Karolina Kołtun