Polish Films in Granada

From December 4 through December 20, 2013, Filmoteca de Andalucia will feature a series of screenings of selected Polish films.

Films Supported by Polish Film Institute Featured in Lineup

  • 4.12.2013, 8.30 PM – Senność (Drowsiness), directed by Magdalena Piekorz;
  • 11.12.2013, 8.30 PM – Operacja Dunaj (Operation Danube), directed by Jacek Głomb;
  • 13.12.2013, 8.30 PM – Miłość (Loving), directed by Sławomir Fabicki;
  • 18.12.2013, 8.30 PM – Pręgi (The Welts), directed by Magdalena Piekorz;
  • 20.12.2013, 8.30 PM – Nieulotne (Lasting), directed by Jacek Borcuch

The event has been organized by the Polish Institute in Madrid and Filmoteca de Andalucia in Granada.


Further details are available at www.culturapolaca.es and www.filmotecadeandalucia.com.


Paulina Bez


Translated by Karolina Kołtun