Polish Films in Leipzig

Four Polish films will screen at the Filmkunst Messe in Leipzig. Screenings of these Polish films are organized with support from the Polish Film Institute.

12th Filmkunst Messe in Leipzig

The Filmkunst Messe is a forum for partnership exchange among 900 German exhibitors, distributors, and art house specialists. The market features screenings of films from Germany and from around the world long before their official premiere. Filmkunst Messe is also a forum for discussions on marketing and the potential of selected films, and a place for various seminars, workshops, and panel discussions on changes in the film industry. The market is also aimed at presenting international films to film distributors and selling German rights. The twelfth edition of Filmkunst Messe in Leipzig is scheduled to run from September 17 through September 21.

Screenings of Polish Films with Support from the Polish Film Institute

Filmkunst Messe will feature over 60 screenings. Each will be followed by a discussion on the film’s market position, target group, and marketing strategy. At the initiative of the Leipzig branch of the Polish Institute in Berlin and thanks to support from the Polish Film Institute, four Polish films will screen at Filmkunst Messe: Ki (My Name Is Ki) by Leszek Dawid, Sala samobójców (Suicide Room) by Jan Komasa, Sekret (The Secret) by Przemysław Wojcieszek, and Wymyk (Courage) by Greg Zgliński. All screenings will be held on September 19.


The 12th edition of Filmkunst Messe runs from September 17 through September 21, 2012.


Official website: www.filmkunstmesse.de.


Olga Domżała


Translated by Karolina Kołtun