Polish-French animation with a chance for a César

Agnieszka. Photo courtesy of filmpolski.pl


A Polish-French animation “Agnieszka”, by Izabela Bartosik-Burkhardt, co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, is among ten films short-listed for the César 2013 French Film Academy Award in the Animated Shorts category.

A film supported by the Polish Film Institute

The animation “Agnieszka” is the story of a girl whose childhood was overshadowed by her mother leaving. The author presents the vivid world of a child who is suffering and desperately yearns for love. The story of Agnieszka’s lost childhood, her loneliness and the human instincts that will allow her, in the end, to escape from isolation and to find a lost child within herself. The producers of the picture are Donten & Lacroix Films, Les Films de l’Arlequin and Warsaw’s film studio WFDiF. The film was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and the CNC (Centre National de la Cinematographie et de l’image animée).

Chance for a César

The Polish-French production has a chance of winning the César 2013 French Film Academy award in the Animated Short category. Along with nine other animations, it will be released on the César 2013 special DVD collection, intended for the members of the Film Academy in France. “Agnieszka” will also appear on special shows in France at the end of this year. The titles nominated for César 2013 will be announced on 25 Jan 2013.

The Best Short Début in Koszalin

The animation by Isabella Bartosik-Burkhardt received the Jantar award for the best début in the short film category at the 31st Koszalin Festival “The Young and Cinema”. [it’s the semi-official title] The picture has been shown so far at such festivals as Annecy, AniFest, Animamundi and Mediawave.


For more information, visit the French Film Academy website: www.academie-cinema.org.


edited by Paulina Bez from a press release


Translated by Paweł Włochacz