Over the Limit by Marta Prus will be one of twelve projects participating in the Ex Oriente Film year-long workshop for creative documentary projects. The film is produced by Maciej Kubicki of Telemark. Kubicki, along with Anna Kępińska, was previously selected for Ex Oriente Film with Jakub Piątek’s One Man Show.

Ex Oriente Film

The Ex Oriente Film workshop consists of three sessions organized throughout the year. Participating producers and directors will have an opportunity to develop their projects and financing strategies by consulting with experienced international experts. The Ex Oriente Film workshop closes at the East European Forum.

Polish Projects at Past Editions of Ex Oriente Film

Among projects developed at past editions of the workshop are several Polish award-winning films: Efekt domina (The Domino Effect) by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski, and Królik po berlińsku (Rabbit a la Berlin) by Bartosz Konopka.

Second Joint Project by Marta Prus and Telemark

Over the Limit will be the second project by young director Marta Prus to be produced by Telemark. Her previous film Mów do mnie (Talk to Me) screened in Polish Competition at the recent 55th Krakow Film Festival. The film has also received an award at this year’s “Łodzią po Wiśle” festival.

Further details about Over the Limit and other projects selected for this year’s Ex Oriente Film are available at: www.dokweb.net/en.

Translated by Karolina Kołtun