Polish Project Awarded in Romania

Polish feature Hel by Katia Priwiezencew and Paweł Tarasiewicz received the award for Best Film Project at the Golden Carpathian international film market in Romania.

Polish Film Voted Best Project

The second edition of the Golden Carpathian film market featured 17 film projects from 20 countries. Polish feature Hel directed by Katia Priwiezencew and Paweł Tarasiewicz was selected as the best films among these projects. The winning film received the Golden Carpathian Prize of 7,000 euros, awarded by Romania’s Ministry of Culture and National Cinema Council.


Hel, a thriller produced by Amando Films, is set on the Hel Peninsula, deserted after the end of the summer holiday season. The film’s main character is a young man named Kail, who operates a lie detector at a local bar. When two aging strippers and a writer looking for inspiration show up in town, strange things begin to happen. People start disappearing, and at night someone dumps dead bodies from fishing boats into the water.

Amondo Films

Amondo Films is a foundation associating filmmakers from around the world. Its main goal is to promote cinematography through series of cultural events, workshops, film screenings, and most of all by making movies. Amondo Films helps young filmmakers to produce their projects and explore new artistic areas.

Golden Carpathian Film Market

Golden Carpathian is an international film market; the event’s second edition was organized in Bucharest between August 23 and August 26. The Golden Carpathian Film Market is the only industry event of its type organized in Romania. In addition to a competition for best feature projects, Golden Carpathian also features meetings with sales agents, distributors, and co-producers.


Further details about Hel available at: amondofilms.com.


Golden Carpathian Film Market website available at: www.goldencarpathian.com.


Written by Paulina Bez based on the press release


Translated by Karolina Kołtun