Polish Projects at Ex Oriente Film

The first edition of the Ex Oriente Film international documentary film workshop will launch on July 17 in Rijeka, Croatia. Several Polish filmmakers are among participants of this year’s edition.


Launched 10 years ago, Ex Oriente Film is a professional training workshop for film directors and producers from Central and Eastern Europe. Documentary filmmakers have an opportunity to develop their projects and financing strategies, while relying on the advice and knowledge of experienced international industry members. At this year’s edition of the Ex Oriente Films workshop, participants will meet in Rijeka, Croatia, and later at film festivals in Jihlava (October) and Prague (March 2014). Three out of the 14 projects at this year’s workshop are Polish films, selected out of a total of almost 100 submissions from 17 countries.

Polish Films at Ex Oriente Film:

  • One Man Show, directed by Jakub Piątek (produced by Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kępińska – Telemark) – this project also participated in the second edition of ‘Docs to go!’;
  • Ostatni sezon, directed by Sławomir Witek (produced by Anna Waradzyn, Staroń-Film and Munk Studio);
  • Pomiędzy, directed by Agnieszka Woszczyńska (produced by Marta Golba, Endorfina Studio)

Further details available at: www.dokweb.net.


Marta Sikorska


Translated by Karolina Kołtun