Polish Screenwriters' Achievements

Screenplays written by Krzysztof Burdza and Maciej Rogala have received recognition at the international screenwriting competition in Barcelona.


Krzysztof Burdza’s screenplay “Liberator” came in second place, while Maciej Rogala’s screenplay “More than Eternity” placed fifth in the screenwriting competition of the Barcelona International Film Festival, which closed last June.

“More than Eternity”

The screenplay by first-time screenwriter Maciej Rogala has previously gained recognition in the United States, where it qualified for the Beverly Hills Film Festival screenwriting competition, and later made it into the finale of the screenwriting competition at the Life Fest Film Festival in Hollywood.


“More than Eternity” tells the story of the love of an American billionaire broker for a Polish woman whom he met by accident while vacationing in Tuscany. Their relationship is shown in the context of a myriad of contemporary subjects, in which the author is a recognized specialist: increasing longevity in developed countries, resulting in the inefficiency of retirement plans; overpopulation of our planet, which according to demographic scientists is likely to happen by the middle of this century, as well as the limited capacity for increasing food production.


Maciej Rogala has released excerpts from his screenplay, which are available at: www.scenariuszfilmowy.pl.


Krzysztof Burdza’s “Liberator” has also qualified for the finale of the 2013 MFI Script 2 Film, a course for European screenwriters. One of the lecturers at this year’s MFI Script2film is Jerzy Skolimowski.


“Liberator” is the story of an American fighter pilot who is shot down during an airstrike over Warsaw in 1944. Having survived the crash, he is given a camera by the uprising soldiers, with the mission of becoming a war correspondent.


Krzysztof Burdza’s attendance at MFI Script2film 2013 has been supported by the Polish Film Institute and the Polish Audiovisual Centre Foundation (FPCA).


Kalina Cybulska


Translated by Karolina Kołtun