Following Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and the United States, as of 2017 Agi Bagi is also being broadcast in China (two broadcasters), Vietnam, India, and South Korea.

Distribution in over 60 territories

The first season of Agi Bagi consisted of 13 episodes and premiered in 2015 in 40 countries. Two years after its premiere, distribution is still gaining impetus. Currently the series has broadcast deal memos around the world, and has been broadcast to date in over 60 countries (in some territories it has been broadcast on two or more channels).

Producers from Badi Badi studio attend all key film markets, consulting their projects with industry experts from around the world. In Poland, the series has been broadcast on TVP ABC, Polsat Jim Jam, ipla.tv, player.pl, strefabajek.pl, chilli.tv, Sala Kinowa Premium on YouTube, and has been released on DVD.

Agi Bagi

Co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, Agi Bagi is a television series for children aged 2-5. It is the story of the adventures of the inhabitants of a planet with two sides — Agi and Bagi, as well as the relations between the inhabitants of each side, the Agingas and Bagingas tribes.

Every episode touches on themes of the environment and shows how to tackle problems together in order to live in harmony with nature.

In showing the adventures of its protagonists, the series cleverly portrays crucial educational elements that are vital to child development and yet so often overlooked in stories for this age group.

Further details about the Agi Bagi series are available at www.agibagi.com.

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Translated by Karolina Kołtun