Record Attendance in Polish Cinemas

Our favourite films proved to be well-known Hollywood animated features. With a total of over 38 million tickets sold, 2009 brought a new record for Polish cinemas (compared to 34 million in 2008).

The top Polish films of the year include the musical Love & Dance (built on the popularity of TV dance shows), historical biopic Popiełuszko by Rafał Wieczyński (a must-see historical movie included in many school lesson plans), comedy The Perfect Guy for My Girlfriend by Tomasz Konecki and Andrzej Saramonowicz (although this film did not match the success of their earlier works: Ladies and Testosterone), and social drama Mall Girls by Katarzyna Rosłaniec.


In fact, Mall Girls proved to be the surprise of the year. A modest film about teenage prostitutes hanging around shopping malls really moved audiences; who could have expected that it would be seen by almost 550,000 viewers in cinemas alone.


Two films awarded at this year’s Polish Film Festival in Gdynia also did rather well in cinemas: Snow White and Russian Red by Xawery Żuławski (over 440,000 admissions) and Reverse (almost 316,000 admissions in six weeks).


Top Polish films of 2009:

  1. Kochaj i Tańcz (Love & Dance): 1,335,889 tickets sold
  2. Popiełuszko: 1,312,230
  3. Idealny facet dla mojej dziewczyny (The Perfect Guy for My Girlfriend): 689,621
  4. Galerianki (Mall Girls): 547,721
  5. Miłość na wybiegu (Love on the Catwalk): 453,057
  6. Wojna polsko-ruska (Snow White and Russian Red): 440,192
  7. Nigdy nie mów nigdy (Headhunter): 407,007
  8. Ile waży koń trojański? (How Much does the Trojan Horse Weigh?): 374,012
  9. Włatcy móch (Lorts of the Flys): 370,710
  10. Dzieci Ireny Sendlerowej (The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler): 347,922
  11. Rewers (Reverse): 316,528

(as of December 28, 2009)


Further details on cinema admissions in 2009 are available in the Box office section of this site (Polish only).


Translated by Karolina Kołtun