Silver Leopard for "33 Scenes from Life" by Małgorzata Szumowska

The film 33 Scenes from Life (33 sceny z życia) directed by Małgorzata Szumowska who also provided the screenplay garnered a Silver Leopard as a Special Jury Award at the 61st Locarno International Film Festival. This is one of the biggest awards in Polish cinematography in recent years.


The festival screening took place in Locarno last Sunday. The film was very well received by viewers, journalists and film experts. Its universal significance was underlined, as well as its originality in facing the topic of death, the passing of time and the maturing of a young woman — including a peculiar and occasionally shocking sense of humour.


The contemporary German star Julia Jentsch (Sophie Scholl–The Final Days) also received a lot of praise, as well as the Polish actors in 33 Scenes from Life including Małgorzata Hajewska and Andrzej Hudziak.

The film tells the story of 33-year-old Julia, whose life undergoes an enormous change after her parents’ death when she is alone. The only person who stands by her is an old friend and co-worker, 45-year-old Adrian.

The film, a Polish-German co-production co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, has also drawn interest at other international festivals. Soon it will be shown at the most important festival in North America, in Toronto. This success opens the way for world distribution. In Locarno distributors from the biggest European countries, including Britain and France, expressed interest.

The premiere of the film in Poland will take place at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.


Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza