"Supernova" and "The Coldest Game" in Tallinn

Co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, the full-length directors’ debuts “Supernova” and “The Coldest Game” will be shown in competitions at the 23rd Black Nights’ Festival in Tallinn.

The international premiere of the film “The Coldest Game” in the Main Competition

The film screening in Tallinn will be its international premiere. The picture was shown at the 44th Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, where it won the Special Jury Award and an award for editing. In Polish cinemas from November 8 (Next Film distribution).

“The Coldest Game”

During the Cold War, American secret services kidnap a genius mathematician to fight a chess duel against the Soviet champion. However, the international tournament at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw turns out to be only a cover for a spy game where the stake is to save humanity from nuclear destruction.


The director of the film is Łukasz Kośmicki, who is also a co-writer with Marcel Sawicki. Paweł Edelman is the cinematographer of the film. The producer of the film is Watchout Studio.

Starring: Bill Pullman, Robert Więckiewicz, Lotte Verbeek, James Bloor, Alexei Serebriakov, Corey Johnson, Nicholas Farrell, Evgeny Sidichin.

The international premiere of “Supernova” in the Feature Debut Competition

The screening of the film, which will be its international premiere, is announced on November 25. In September, Polish audiences could watch the film at the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, from where Bartosz Kruhlik returned with the award for the best directorial debut. “Supernova” will enter Polish cinemas on November 22, thanks to Film Forum Poland.


Three men, one place, one day and one event that will change their lives. Here is a politician who wants to win the upcoming election; a policeman wanting to retire calmly; and a resident of a Polish village who has a dependent family. An unfortunate accident results in an avalanche of consequences. People put in a borderline situation – as well as viewers – will face the question of the role of chance and destiny in the lives of each of us.


The director and screenwriter of the film is Bartosz Kruhlik. Michał Dymek is responsible for the cinemathography. The producer of the film is the Munk Studio operating at the Polish Filmmakers Association, and a co-producer is Canal +.

Main roles are played by Marek Braun, Marcin Hycnar, Marcin Zarzeczny, Agnieszka Skibicka and Anna Mrozowska.

Awards for “Werewolf”

To remind you, last year the awards at this festival won co-financed by the Polish Film Institute „Werewolf” by Adrian Panek, who is applying for a nomination for the European Film Awards this year. 

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