"Symphony of the Ursus Factory" nominated for Cinema Eye Honors

The documentary film by Jaśmina Wójcik entitled „Symphony of the Ursus Factory”, co-financed by the Polish Film Institute has a chance for the Cinema Eye Honors Awards. The prizes will be presented in early January 2020.

Cinema Eye Honors Awards have been granted to the best documentaries since 2008, which premieres and screenings took place at the most important film events in the world. Candidates for the Cinema Eye Honors awards are selected by representatives of large documentary film festivals, and the winners are selected each year by about 200 representatives of the documentary industry invited to vote by Cinema Eye.

Two nominations for “Symphony of the Ursus Factory”

The documentary film by Jaśmina Wójcik received two nominations – for the best soundtrack and for the best debut.

The documentary is a film summary of five years of artistic and research work with the community of former employees of the Ursus factory. It combines video art with choreography and experimental music. It was co-created by Igor Stokfiszewski – screenplay, Rafał Urbacki – choreography, Dominik Strycharski – music, Jakub Wróblewski – author of the visual concept of the film. In addition, in th eproject took part former plant employees – workers, technologists, managers, secretaries and tractor drivers.

For more information and a list of all nominated films, please visit Cinema Eye Honors.