The second year of „incentives” in Poland

Over PLN 85 million to support 50 audiovisual projects was granted by the Polish Film Institute in 2020 as part of the so-called incentives. Among the co-financed projects were 20 domestic, 14 international and 16 services.

As part of the „incentives”, in 2020 the Polish Film Institute received 77 applications, including 5 for a certificate and 72 for financial support. The Institute granted support for the total amount of PLN 85,271,108.17. The average amount of support for one project is PLN 1,705,422.16, and the highest amount is PLN 6,699,897.36.

The total Polish budget of all projects (funds to be spent in Poland) is nearly PLN 400 million. More than half of these funds will come from services.

Support for audiovisual production in Poland

The „30% cash rebate” incentives for filmmakers were introduced in February 2019 based on the Act of November 9, 2018 on financial support for audiovisual production. The system offers reimbursement of production costs incurred in Poland in the amount of up to 30% of Polish eligible expenses. It is a system solution whose primary task is to support audiovisual production in Poland. The funds come directly from the state budget, and the program is managed by the Polish Film Institute.

The Polish system of incentives is open to domestic and international productions, for feature films and series, animations and documentaries. In order for a project to be supported, its producers must spend in Poland the amount of money specified by law, cooperate with Polish filmmakers and film crews, and shoot in Polish locations or film studios. After meeting the required criteria, support is granted automatically, there is no expert body allocating funds. The mechanism is based on economic and legal, not artistic criteria.

International productions

Similar to Polish one, audiovisual production support systems have been successfully operating in other European countries for years and are among the most effective tools thanks to which individual countries attract large international productions, often with a star cast and with multi-million budgets. More information on incentives can be found in the INCENTIVES tab.

The register of submitted applications for granting financial support and issued certificates confirming the fulfillment of the qualification test criteria, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of November 9, 2018 on financial support for audiovisual production (Article 6 (1-3)).