"The Youth and Film" - The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin

There are eight feature films and almost 50 shorts in the competition at the Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin.

“A debut requires courage,” said Mirosław Mikietyński, the president of Koszalin, in welcoming the guests. “I hope that being here in Koszalin will evoke courage in the debutantes.” Jerzy Kapuściński, the programme director, cited the festival as “proof of the rebirth of our cinema.”

Eight feature films and almost 50 shorts were in competition. The five most important foreign debuts of the last year will be shown, the majority of which are being screened for the first time in Poland.

“This festival performs a special role,” said the head of the jury of feature films, Wojciech Marczewski. “The debutantes have to face critique from the viewers. I am here for the first time and I am very interested in meeting the young creators.”

Dariusz Gajewski will lead the debates on the short films jury. “I am very connected with this festival,” he said, “Here my real adventure with film began. I encourage everyone to watch short films. This is the best way to know what will happen in cinema in the coming years.”

Other events accompanying the festival will also be held, such as concerts by Tomek Lipiński & Tilt, Jimi Tenor, Stereo Total, Donna Regina, Łona, Wojciech Waglewski with Fisz and Emade, Pink Freud, Eric Kulm Quintessense, Piotr Kałużny with a rhythm section, Kattorna and the RGG Trio. The festival ends on 21 June.

“The Youth and Film” festival has been in existence since 1973, with the goal of promoting young creators. Besides the competition, there are retrospectives, workshops, and discussions about young cinema entitled “Szczerość za szczerość”.

Since 2007 the festival has been a competition review of Polish debuts – feature and short films, documentaries and animations.

The festival received a donation from the Polish Film Institute.


Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza