Tim Roth Awarded at OPC

Tim Roth and Jerzy Skolimowski. Photo by Marcin Kułakowski, Polish Film Institute

Tim Roth and Jerzy Skolimowski. Photo by Marcin Kułakowski, Polish Film Institute


At the Script Pro 2011 awards gala, the “Against the Current” award for contribution to the development of independent cinema went to British actor and director Tim Roth. The award was presented by Jerzy Skolimowski, who chaired the jury of the International Competition for the Krakow Film Award.


Tim Roth is the second person honored with the “Against the Current” Award of the Off Plus Camera International Film Festival. At last year’s event, this award went to director Jane Campion.

Before the gala, Tim Roth met with the festival audience. He held a press conference, and an open master class in the afternoon. Before the awards presentation in Krakow’s Kijów cinema, gala guests watched a short film montage of Roth’s various roles, including his Oscar-nominated part in Rob Roy (1995). “When I was nominated for an Oscar, I didn’t end up winning. But at least Emma Thompson let me hold her Oscar. It’s really wonderful to be here, thank you!” said Roth, one of the most anticipated guests at this year’s edition of the Off Plus Camera film festival.


“Wow, even Wajda is here. That’s really, really cool,” he added. “I really like the fact that this festival looks after beginning filmmakers. Because at some point, everyone is a beginner. It’s good that you show new faces. Thanks to these efforts, with a bit of luck, I can sometimes get a job too,” said Roth, thanking the festival hosts and audience for a very warm welcome. Roth also received a special award of the Krakow-based Apart company. His handprints also appeared in the Krakow Film Avenue.


After the awards gala, there was a special screening of War Zone (1999), Tim Roth’s directorial debut, which brought him a Discovery of the Year European Film Award.


Translated by Karolina Kołtun