Transatlantyk in Poznań

The first edition of the Transatlantyk Festival will run from August 5 through 13. The festival lineup includes two competitions for film score composers.


The creator and director of the Transatlantyk International Film and Music Festival is Academy Award winner Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. The idea behind this event was to create an artistic platform that would inspire debate on current events through film and music.

Transatlantyk is a combination of almost 300 film screenings, discussions on art, workshops, lectures, seminars, and events linked to environmental issues.

Film screenings have been divided into groups by subject:

  • Transatlantyk Panorama – premiere films and key examples of world cinema from 2010/2011;
  • New Scandinavian Cinema – a selection of the most interesting examples of Scandinavian cinema;
  • Culinary Cinema – a combination of film screenings with dish sampling and wine tasting. This section focuses on healthy foods and the environment;
  • B Movies: “Passion and Nausea” – evening screenings of low-budget and amateur films from Hollywood of the 1950s;
  • Transatlantyk Docs – documentaries on social issues, focused around controversial issues, including human rights, the financial crisis, global interdependence, and local unions;
  • Transatlantyk Spotlight – documentaries focusing on particular places around the world. This year’s Spotlight covers New York and California;
  • 10 German Voices – latest award-winning cinema; new phenomena, difficult subjects; films from first-time directors, as well as from recognized filmmakers;
  • Transatlantyk Eco – films focusing on various key places around the world; centered around issues such as alternative energy and nanotechnologies;
  • Arab Revolutions: “Before and Now” – cinema from Northern Africa and the Middle East;
  • Transatlantyk Art – music documentaries, concert recordings, and films about events in contemporary arts;
  • Transatlantyk for Children – film screenings for young audiences

Music events at Transatlantyk will include two competition sections for film score composers under 35. The Transatlantyk Film Music Competition has participants composing music to two short films: a piece from the feature Get Low by Aaron Schneider, and the animated film AH by Simon Moreau, Bastien Dubois, and Joris Bacquet.


The second competition, known as the Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest, focuses on participants watching a short film and instantly performing improvised piano solos.


Further details about the festival and workshops available at:


Translated by Karolina Kołtun