Jolanta Dylewska on Variety's list

List of the best cinematographers of 2011 was published in the February 14 edition of the Variety. One of the top Ten Cinematographers to Watch is Jolanta Dylewska who was acknowledged for her cinematography in Agnieszka Holland’s W ciemności (In Darkness).

Jolanta Dylewska

Iain Blair writes in the Variety that Jolanta Dylewska, who is not well known outside Poland, should attract international attention after her work in W ciemności (In Darkness) by Agnieszka Holland; he quotes the Polish cinematographer: – The challenge, artistically and technologically, was to deliver the real darkness of the sewers (…) Agnieszka would always shout, ‘Darker, darker!’ She was much more courageous than me in entering the darkness. I was following her, building shadows so the gestures and the glances of the actors would not disappear, and so the audience would feel touched by this darkness.


The Variety recalls the beginnings of Dylewska’s career, when after filming more than a dozen shorts she received a first offer to shoot a documentary: – It taught me to look at the world attentively, to always ask myself before every film, who is the camera in the story? In Sergei Dvortsewoy’s Tulpan, the camera, says Dylewska – was like a naive character, following the action and not knowing what will happen next. And in Chłopiec na galopującym koniu (The Boy on the Galloping Horse) – the world got still, became black and white.


I try not to have my own style. I approach every film as if it’s my first. I look for a style particular to that one film. My ‘actors’ are light, colour, movement, depth of focus, texture, composition and perspective particular to each lens. Those visual elements are telling the story. I like the visual style to be at the service of the main dramaturgy of the film. – writes the Variety.


Ten Cinematographers to Watch

Cinematographers acknowledged by the Variety together with Jolanta Dylewska:

  • Christopher Blauvelt for the cinematography in Nobody Walks
  • Manuel Alberto Claro for Melancholia
  • Anna Foerster  for Annonymous
  • Xavi Gimenez for the cinematography in Red Lights
  • Joel Hodge  for his work in Bellflower
  • Benjamin Kasulke for The Off Hours, Safety Not Guaranteed, and Your Sister’s Sister
  • Adam Stone for the cinematography in Take Shelter and Compliance
  • Masanobu Takayanagi  for Warrior and The Grey
  • Erik Wilson for his work in Tyrannasaur, Submarine, and The Imposter



Translated by Monika Miziniak