Variety on the Polish Film Industry

The US-based Variety magazine published several articles by British journalist Nick Holdsworth focusing on the Polish film industry.

The Polish Film Institute Supports the Polish Film Industry

In his article “Poland: PFI ensures steady stream of pics” (the complete text of the article is available here), Nick Holdsworth points out the stability that the Polish film market has enjoyed since the launch of the Polish Film Institute: “[…] Poland’s efficient and effective system of film industry support, the revolving fund managed by the Polish Film Institute (PFI), continues to ensure a steady stream local movies and international co-productions. […] A secondary source of funding and support can be found in a network of Polish regional funds that has developed alongside the PFI.”

World Class Film Studios

Nick Holdsworth also writes about Polish film studios and production facilities that continue to develop and attract foreign producers to Poland. “Alvernia Studios, located near Krakow in southern Poland, is one of the country’s most modern production facilities, […] and houses what’s touted as the world’s largest spherical shadeless bluescreen, and a raft of technical labs and services.” Holdsworth also mentions ATM Grupa, Łódź Centrum Filmowe, WFDiF, and the postproduction company The Chimney Pot.

Promoting Polish Films in Cannes

In his article “Natural partners” (full text available here), Holdsworth focuses on the international promotion of Polish films at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival. “International buyers may still see all latest Polish productions at the PFI’s screening room at the Polish Cinema Stand, located in a penthouse at Croisette 6 across from the Palais.”

Polish Film Commission

Holdsworth also mentions the Polish Film Commission, which launched this year at the Berlin IFF. “International producers looking to lens in Poland should find the process much easier with the launch of the country’s first-ever film commission. […] The new body will complement the work of the Polish Film Institute,” writes Holdsworth. One of the key aims of the Polish Film Commission is to promote Poland as an attractive location for foreign producers.

International Success of Young Filmmakers

“Poland’s growing success on the international stage is stoking a creative boom with the appearance of strong new production companies and talent,” writes Holdsworth in his article “Players, talent call attention to country’s creative growth spurt” (complete text available here). He mentions several production companies, including Akson Studio, Studio Filmowe Kadr, Filmpolis, Federico Film, and Mental Disorder 4.


Holdsworth makes note of several talented young actors, including Jakub Gierszał (Shooting Star 2012), Joanna Kulig [Sponsoring (Elles)], Mateusz Kościukiewicz [Bez wstydu (Shameless) and Nowhere], Julia Kijowska [W ciemności (In Darkness) and Miłość (Loving)], and Magdalena Berus [Baby blues and Nieulotne (Lasting)], and points his readers’ attention to the new generation of Polish directors, represented by Leszek Dawid and Łukasz Barczyk.


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Translated by Karolina Kołtun