Wajda School in Finland and in Korea

Films from Wajda School will be presented at the Nordisk Panorama in Finland and at the 4th DMZ Docs film festival in Korea.

Wajda School in Finland


During Polish programme at the Nordisk Panorama, Bartek Konopka will present case study of “Rabbit a la Berlin”, nominated for Academy Award in 2010 in category Best Documental Short. The film was co-financed by Finnish television YLE. Additionally to the lecture the two short films directed by Bartek Konopka will be presented – “Rabbit a la Berlin”, supervised by Wajda School as well as short feature “Three for taking” produced by Wajda Studio within “30 minutes” programme for young filmmakers.


Student rendez-vous


Both the films and the key-note lecture are a part of “Student rendez-vous” festival section, that also includes screenings of two other Polish documentaries produced by Wajda Studio “Decrescendo” directed by Marta Minorowicz and “Oh God, dear God” directed by Julia Popławska. In the “Short matters!” section, that presents short films nominated for European Film Award, includes “Paparazzi” directed by Piotr Bernas.


Wajda School in Korea

One of the sections of the 4th DMZ Docs film festival in Korea is “Focus: Polish Docs Special” includes five documentaries produced by Wajda Studio: “3 days of Freedom” by Lukasz Borowski, “Oh God, dear God” by Julia Poplawska, “North from Calabria” by Marcin Sauter, “Paparazzi” by Piotr Bernaś and a unique documentary “Andrzej Wajda: Let’s shoot!” accomplished by four former Wajda School students: Maciej Cuske, Thierry Paladino, Marcin Sauter and Piotr Stasik. Jacek Petrycki will give key-note lecture.

Presentation of documentaries produced by Wajda Studio was possible thanks to the support of Adam Mickiewicz Insitute and it is one of the lastevents celebrating 10th anniversary Wajda School.

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