Wolrd premiere of "The Big Leap"

The world premiere of the Polish-Swedish short The Big Leap will take place on the 24th of May at the SIFF – 39th Seattle International Film Festival. The Polish premiere has already been confirmed at 53rd Krakow Film Festival.

Universal question

Does God exists? – everything started with this universal question that the Swedish director, Kristoffer Rus, wanted to ask in the era of a global financial crisis. With the help of pitch black humor, The Big Leap stresses the moral dilemmas that erupt when the protagonists realize that everything they have fought for is gone. They meet atop a skyscraper and they have the same intention – to commit suicide due to a major financial crisis. The conflict quickly escalates when they discover that they all represent a different conviction about the afterlife. The only way to find out who’s right is to take The Big Leap.

Actors and technology

Postproduction took one year. The whole film was made with green screen technology. The actors and parts of the set were real, but the whole space around them was created by computer technology in CGI. The company responsible for the special effects is ATM FX (ATM S.A. the Corporate Group).


Yet, all these computer effects were only a tool to tell the story. It’s first of all an actor driven story with: Tilly Scott Pedersen (Sarah), Gustaf Skarsgård (John) and Arkadiusz Jakubik (Ben).

International premiere

The world premiere of the film will take place at the 39th Seattle International Film Festival. SIFF screens a wide selection of the best new international features and documentaries and is also a recognized Oscar nominating Festival in the categories of Best Short Film, Best Animated Short Film, and Best Documentary Short Film.


The Polish premiere of The Big Leap will take place at the 53rd Krakow Film Festival, one of the oldest film events dedicated to documentary, animated and short fiction films in Europe with European Film Academy and Oscar nomination in short categories. The Big Leap was selected for the national and international competition.

Half Polish, half Swedish

Director Kristoffer Rus is half Polish, half Swedish. He graduated from Kulturama film school in Stockholm and Wajda School in Warsaw. He has directed festival winning short films like The Apple Tree (Audience Award, Gothenbourg FF; Winner, Palm Springs FF; Critiques Week Cannes 2003). Currently he is working on the adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel Masakra Profana by Jarosław Stawirej.

Film Supported by the Polish Film Institute

Production company, Prasa & Film, is the producer of the film. The co-producers are: East of West Cinema AB, Sweden, Telewizja Polska S.A., ATM FX and ATM Studio, WFDiF.


The film is co-financed by Polish Film Institute and Swedish Film Institute.


More: www.bigleapthemovie.com.


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