"Zhalanash - Empty Shore" and "Volte" At Shortlist To Cinema Eye Honors

The awards will be presented on January 12th, 2019 in New York. “Zhalanash – Empty Shore” by Marcin Sauter and “Volte” by Monika Kotecka and Karolina Poryzała were put on the short list of 10 documentary films that have a chance for the Cinema Eye Honors award.

“Zhalanash – Empty Shore”

Photo: press materials

The title Zhalanash is a port city on the partly dried out Aral lake. A place between the great water and the vast desert, once a prosperous link of the Soviet economy, today only a shadow of former glory. In the lens of Marcin Sauter, however, Zhalanash is not only a suggestive landscape, but above all the fate of people who have invested their life hopes and expectations here, and now they have to digest their loneliness amid the ruins of ships and port cranes.

Marcin Sauter. Photo: press release

In 2017, the film was recognized as the Best Short Film of one of the most important documentary film festivals in the world – IDFA in Amsterdam, it also received a Golden Frog for the short film at the Camerimage last year, and won prizes at festivals in Kiev and Krakow. Marcin Sauter is the author of the script and photos and the director of the film. The music was composed by Jerzy Rogiewicz, Marcin Lenarczyk was responsible for the sound. The film was edited by Ziemowit Jaworski, Michał Marczak and Katarzyna Olechowska. The producer of the film is Studio Filmowe Kronika. The film is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The MCK Bydgoszcz is the partner of the film’s promotion.


Photo: press materials

Twelve-year-old Zuzia has been training an equestrian vaulting for several years. Due to her age and physique, she is raised by older, stronger colleagues. She is the “top”, the crowning of the acrobatic pyramid. The next season begins. During the training, it turns out that the figures with the participation of Zuzia no longer have grace and lightness. Older competitors finally admit that Zuzia has grown and have no strength to lift her up. The girl has to find a new role in the group. Monika Kotecka and Karolina Poryzała are responsible for the screenplay and directing Monika Kotecka for cinematography, Patrycja Krysik, Karolina Poryzała and Michał Truong for the sound, and Aleksandra Kotecka, Tomek Wierzbowski for the music. The film was edited by Izabela Pajak. Mikołaj Sygudam is the producer  and the executive producer is Magdalena Bryk. The film was produced by Munk Studio – SFP, Moth Films, O.K.O. FX Studio, Cukry, Kurkot Kollektiv. The film is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Cinema Eye Honors

The Cinema Eye Honors awards are given to the best documentary films since 2008, which premieres and screenings took place at the world’s major film events. In order for the film to be nominated for the award, it must be screened at one of the following film festivals: Sundance, Berlin, True / False, SXSW, Full Frame, Tribeca, Hot Docs, Cannes, Silverdocs, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sheffield and IDFA. The candidates for the Cinema Eye Honors awards are selected by representatives of large documentary film festivals, and the winners of each year are selected by around 200 representatives of the documentary industry invited to vote by Cinema Eye.

A full list of nominated films: www.cinemaeyehonors.com

The list of five titles nominated for awards will be announced on November 8.