Żuławski Retrospective in LA & NYC

Andrzej Żuławski. Fot. Marcin Kułakowski, PISF
Andrzej Żuławski. Fot. Marcin Kułakowski, PISF


The first complete US retrospective of films by Andrzej Żuławski is taking place in Los Angeles and New York City. Supported by the Polish Film Institute, this event has won the acclaim of US audiences and critics.

Żuławski’s First Retrospective in the USA

This first ever retrospective of films by Andrzej Żuławski in the United States has been organized by the Polish Cultural Institute New York, BAMcinématek in New York, and Cinefamily in Los Angeles, in cooperation with the Polish Film Institute and the National Film Archive. The programme features all films directed by Andrzej Żuławski – films he made both in Poland and abroad.

Sold-Out Screenings

Screenings of Żuławski’s films in both New York and Los Angeles are very popular among audiences. Most screenings have already been sold out. The event marks the first complete retrospective of films by Andrzej Żuławski in the United States. Screenings in New York City will run through March 20 at the BAMcinématek. Screnings in Los Angeles run through April 1 at the Cinefamily.

American Press on Żuławski

The retrospective has brought about a number of articles about the works of Andrzej Żuławski in American media.


“His movies are seldom more than a step from some flaming abyss, with his actors (and audience) trembling on the edge. Typically shot with a frenzied, often subjective moving camera in saturated colors that have the over-bright feel of a chemically induced hallucination, these can be hard to watch and harder to forget,” writes James Lewis Hoberman of the New York Times (the complete text of his NYT article is available here).


“[…] the films of the Polish director, screenwriter and novelist Andrzej Zulawski are filled with unforgettable images. Visceral and cerebral, tender and violent, with sensitive but extreme performances, they are marked by fascinating contradictions. They are also often masterfully crafted, with smart scripts and bravura sound and visuals,” writes Kristin M. Jones of the Wall Street Journal (the complete text of this WSJ article is available here).

“The experience of watching a Zulawski film is exponentially rewarding when you’ve had the pleasure of seeing more than one. […] Zulawski is a very philosophical director, in spite of his stated aversion to what he calls ‘big words’,” writes Margaret Burton-Fumo on Lincolm Center’s Film Comment site (the complete text is available here).


For detailed information about the retrospective of Andrzej Żuławski’s films please contact Natalia Babinski of the Polish Cultural Institute New York, (212) 239 7300 ext. 3006, email natalia.babinski@instytutpolski.org.


Details about the upcoming screenings are available at www.bam.org and www.cinefamily.org.


Source: Polish Cultural Institute New York


Translated by Karolina Kołtun