The Good, Beauty and Truth

Director: Balbina Bruszewska

directed & shot by Balbina Bruszewska written by Joanna Wiszniewska-Domańska music by Piotr Majewski edited by Janusz Czubak produced by Se-ma-for Film Production
Poland 2011


Once there was a traveler who embarked on a journey towards a big city. In his suitcase he carried a tiny paper city reminding him of where he came from. Even though life in the new city seemed to be very different from the one he used to know, he always had his suitcase to bring back the memory of what was most important to him. One day the traveler decided to share the stories and images from the paper city that he knew so well. To his surprise nobody wanted to listen to him as life itself seemed to be far more interesting than the stories of a city hidden in a suitcase. “The Good, Beauty and Truth” by Balbina Bruszewska is a parabolic story about the art of storytelling, showing how difficult it is to share private stories when there is nobody willing to listen.