Franek Szpak, a nice guy from Silesia, has little luck when it comes to his love life – despite his innate charisma. After he loses his job at a car factory as part of mass layoffs, his beatiful girlfriend leaves him. His two closes friends also lose their jobs. Franek, having received the largest severance pay, comes up with an unorthodox proposition for his mates.


A policewoman from a provincial police station runs an investigation that will change her world forever.

Killing Auntie

Jurek is 23 years old and he is a history student. He lives with his loving auntie, who raises him and supports him. Feeling that she is a cause and a symbol of his existential boredom, monotony and malaise, he reaches for the hammer…

A Blue Room

A man wakes up in a blue room. He’s stuck and he can’t escape. A window is his only connection to the outer world. It filters the reality in a very mysterious way…

Jacky for Special Assignments

The story of a Frenchman, Jacky Challot, shows how much our life depends on pure coincidence. If, in the 1980s, a 20-something labour office worker in Paris had not got involved in supporting the “Solidarity” movement, he wouldn’t have had the adventure of his life, wouldn’t have experienced a Polish prison, and wouldn’t have become a hero whose release was demanded by the whole of France.

Strange Heaven

Basia and Marek live in Sweden. One white lie triggers a flood of suspicion and leads to Swedish child services taking their beloved daughter away from them and placing her in foster care. A daughter’s love for her mother is put to the test. Basia and Marek are forced to stand up against the ruthless bureaucratic ways that give no consideration to human emotions.

Summer Solstice

Rural Poland, 1943. Four young people: Bunia, a Jewish girl who escaped from a train to the death camps; Guido, a German officer; and two Poles – Romek and Franka, are brought together by a series of extraordinary events. They find something that during wartime can be both an escape and a source of danger – love.

Loving Vincent

The tragic story of the life and death of Vincent van Gogh, one of the world’s most acclaimed painters, as told through his excellent works. Loving Vincent is the world’s first feature painted animation.

Dr Charming

Handsome playboy Piotr, once a waiter in Vienna, is now a fake therapist running a psychoanalysis practice in Krakow. He cures women of their insecurities, frustrations, and broken hearts.