The Great Escape

Słonko (Sunny) is a guy who makes his money participating in a weather forecast show. He is responsible for the sunny places on the map. Everyday for many years he does the same thing. He is fed up with this monotonous and boring job. He wants more from his life…

The Well

A surrealistic story about water. There is a well but there is no water in it. No prayers or even throwing empty buckets into it can help. People living on the desert claim that water can be obtained from the clouds. They take a balloon and fly to the sky to get it.


A marine tale about the pursuit for a dream as a pretext for play with various artistic forms. The sailor eventually arrives in the port of his dreams against all odds.

Enchanted Shoes

An animation based on the tale by Narcyza Żmichowska ‘Bad Daughter’. Mela is a daughter of a poor cobbler. One day, enraptured by a pair of red shoes in a shop, she demands that her father buy her those shoes. She does not listen to her father explaining that he has no money…


The story of a girl trapped between two worlds, linked together by a thin umbilical cord of images and emotions.

The Kinematograph

Francis is a self-taught inventor fascinated by the idea of recording moving pictures with the use of a row of slides. After the continental war in 1902, he devotes himself to his passion and a dream to invent a cinematograph. 

A Sicilian flea

A love story presented on postcards from the turn of 19th and 20th centuries. The last film of Olga Egri and Valentina Rudolpho. Compilations and collages of old postcards and computer-enlivened illustrations.

Different Story

Main hero of the movie is a knife. Series of unfortunate events causes that he finished his kitchen knife career on a street.