A Boat

A promising young man suddenly turns into a recluse and decides to live on the boat in the middle of the lake. His originality ceases to reside within the boundaries tolerated by his milieu. Reality, as seen by protagonist from the middle of lake, is surreal and behaviour of the people, who contact him by shouting from the shore, seems comic. But this would be if such a story really happened…


Wacek, an academic teacher, is afraid that his past collaboration with the state secrete police will be disclosed one day. Unable to help him, his wife, Grażyna, vents all her anger and frustration on the… kitchen rat.

Sing Me to Sleep

Robert, a forty year old postal worker, lives at home with his sick mother. Wanting to fulfill his mothers last wish, Robert goes on a desperate search to find a girlfriend or at least someone who will pretend to be one.

Killing Auntie

Jurek is 23 years old and he is a history student. He lives with his loving auntie, who raises him and supports him. Feeling that she is a cause and a symbol of his existential boredom, monotony and malaise, he reaches for the hammer…

Chaos in Outer Space: Where is the Moon?

Somebody stole the Moon. Helpless scientists send a call for help to space. It is received by a Star Student, who is flying nearby. He immediately changes direction and heads for Earth. When he comes closer he can see that Earth without the Moon looks pitiful.

The Refuge City

Łódź. The city of factories and hooligans. Tomek – a devoted fan of his football team – gives the world his ultimatum: either his team stays in the first league or he will administer the justice himself: he will kill someone. The film is a sensational story about true football fans and ordinary hooligans. It is a story about friendship and violence.

My New Life

The engagement ceremony of Piotr and Alina becomes an occasion for a tragicomic clash between two generations: the present-day 30-year-olds and their parents, who are still reliving the era of communist Poland. Alina and Piotr have to decide what really matters in their lives and what their “new path” shall look like.

The End of the Summer

The last day on the beach. Two girls. One has come with her father, the other with her mother. Both girls play together, the parents come closer.

Basia from Podlachie

Dutchman Evert is fascinated by the romantic image of Polish women created by the Internet. Therefore, he decides to find a wife in Poland. One way to find the right candidate is… having a casting.