Aria Diva

Basia lives a happy life; together with her loving husband, she is raising their two sons. One day, an opera diva moves into the flat above them. The women strike up a friendship which is transformed into a surprising affection…


Two boys have murdered a girl. Now, through reconstruction of the event and a meeting with the girl’s family, they again have to experience this cruel crime and confront the emotions they felt then and feel now.

Bad Lyrics

Piotr is a sound engineer suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome, which shows itself through shouting swear words. He has tried to overcome his own limits and to build relations with other people.

There and Back

Year 1985. Herbert Laut is deadly sick. His body undergoes kriostaza. After some time he’s awaken but the new overcrowded world where the life’s pace is high doesn’t satisfy him.

Brother Dog

Twelve-year-old Panabi lives in a Warsaw housing estate ruled by Bocian. Bocian is the biggest thug and, as is usually the case, has the prettiest girlfriend.

The Mill and the Cross

The film attempts to present an up-to-date decoding of the Peter Bruegel’s painting “The Procession to Calvary”. The action takes place in Flanders in 1564, during Spanish rule, when Bruegel was completing his masterpiece.


Jakub M. or ‘The Troublemaker’, the undisputed leader of the Łęczyca prison, is murdered. From the interrogations and paperwork it appears that the crime was one of revenge by a fellow inmate, Grzegorz R.

One Thousand Forbidden Bushes

The comedy of errors: guitarist Bugi mistook his girlfriend for a marihuana tree, a bad policeman mistook his shift for the Success style program, and a crude romance of a second-rate journalist with an audio-tele newsreader was washed away to the Indian Ocean by a tsunami wave..

Hanoi – Warsaw

A young Vietnamese girl named Ahn illegally enters Poland and must get to Warsaw to meet her fiancé and begin a new life. But the journey through Poland is like travelling through hell, full of humiliation and violence. The girl runs away from her cruel sponsors and tries to get to Warsaw alone – without any money and without any Polish.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Dark Room

The story of an 11-year-old girl’s infinite love for her father. While preparing a song fo the school performance to celebrate Father’s Day, this young girl watches her father carefully. Wanting to express her feelings as best she can, she slowly begins to discover her father’s secrets…