The Magic Tree at Film Festivals

Over the coming months, Andrzej Maleszka's The Magic Tree will be screened at several international film festivals.



KINOTEKA Festival in London

The eighth edition of the KINOTEKA Polish Film Festival in London will last from March 4 to April 13. Ten cinemas throughout London will screen the latest Polish films, and a retrospective of short features and early films by Roman Polanski.


Exhibition: Polański. Actor. Director

February 14 brought the opening of the Roman Polański. Actor. Director exhibition in Magda Potorska's Der Ort gallery in Berlin. It was attended by Olivia Williams and Ewan McGregor, stars of Roman Polański's latest feature The Ghost Writer.


Buzek Shooting Star

The Shooting Stars press conference was held on Sunday in Berlin. Shooting Stars is a pan-European initiative that focuses on promoting young European actors. Among this year's Shooting Stars is Polish actress Agata Buzek.


Zero at Film Festivals

Paweł Borowski's Zero will have a rather busy festival schedule over the next few months. Borowski was named one of seven directors to watch by a reviewer of the popular Twitchfilm website, who also stated that his "talent is undeniable".


PFI Rebuttal to Sobolewski's Article

Last Friday, Gazeta Wyborcza published an article by Tadeusz Sobolewski entitled "Tak dobrze, że aż źle" ("So good it's bad", freely translated), which focuses on the issues of international promotion for Polish films. Unfortunately, the Polish Film Institute, so often referred to in this text, had no opportunity to present its stand on the many comments about us in the article. Nor were we allowed to publish a response in the paper. Which is why today we are publishing our rebuttal.


Machulski Sets New Trends

At the press conference held after the press screening of The Lullaby (Kołysanka), director Juliusz Machulski talked about how his latest feature coincidentally fits into the current vampire trends of world cinema.



Polish Film Nominated for Oscar

Announced today, the list of Academy Award nominations features some Polish names. Among this year's Oscar nominees are the creators of Rabbit à la Berlin (Królik po berlińsku): director and screenwriter Bartek Konopka, and producer Anna Wydra.


More Funds for Epic Films

New financing regulations raise the maximum subsidy levels for epic features to 9 million PLN (over 2.2 million EUR), as opposed to the earlier 6 million PLN (1.5 million). In the case of Polish majority co-productions, the Polish Film Institute subsidy can amount up to 13 million PLN (3.2 million EUR). The Polish Film Institute has long tried to introduce these changes, but they needed to be approved by the European Commission. The new and higher film budgets will enable better reproduction of selected historical periods, improve the quality of realistic period costumes, and enable the design and construction of realistic and historically accurate film sets.


Polish Filmmakers in Helsinki

This year's DocPoint documentary film festival in Helsinki puts a special emphasis on Polish filmmaking. Each day of the festival brings an opportunity to view Polish films and discuss Polish cinema.



Polish Films in Rotterdam

All That I Love by Jacek Borcuch, Piggies by Robert Gliński, and Zero by Paweł Borowski will be screened at the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival, starting tomorrow.

All That I Love and Piggies will be screened in the Spectrum section that focuses on films by acclaimed filmmakers with references to the traditions of world cinema. Zero will be shown in the Bright Future section that promotes new talent and presents films by first- and second-time filmmakers.


2009 Summary

2009 was quite a special year for Polish cinema. Films by Polish directors haven't received this much acclaim in years. Multiple awards at festivals abroad, record-breaking admissions in Polish cinemas, general acclaim of the critics and audiences - all these factors suggest that the enthusiastic opinions about the rebirth of Polish cinema that appeared after last year's Polish Film Festival in Gdynia are fully justified. What was the past year like for the Polish Film Institute?


Jadowska Wraps Latest Shoot

Z miłości, the latest feature by Anna Jadowska, is the story of Ewelina and Piotr - a young married couple. Having recently had a baby, they are also having some financial troubles. Piotr doesn't have a steady job, nor any ideas for supporting his family. After a talk with friends, they decide to play in a porn film, which to them is an easy and fun way to make a large sum of money very quickly. Ewelina decides that she and Piotr will only shoot one such movie.


Festival of the Polish Institute in Berlin

The fifth edition of the filmPOLSKA festival will be held on 15-21 April 2010. Audiences in Berlin and Potsdam will have an opportunity to attend nearly 100 screenings in various venues in both towns.




New Films by Holland and Lewandowski

January 15 brought the launch of shooting for the political thriller Kret (working title). It is the feature debut by Rafael Lewandowski.

In early February, Agnieszka Holland will also start shooting her latest feature in Berlin. The shooting schedule will then have the crew moving to Leipzig, and on to Łódź in March.


Bad Boys... in Biarritz and Mexico

June will bring the theatrical release of the feature-length documentary entitled Bad Boys. Cell 425 (Bad Boys. Cela 425) by Janusz Mrozowski. It was filmed over the course of ten days spent in the Wołów prison, and portrays the everyday life of seven repeat offenders who share a single cell with an area of 16 square metres (172 square feet).


Polish 5D Project in Production

The film will not only be screened in stereoscopic 3D, but it will also be felt. Sitting in special screening rooms, the audience will experience a combination of scents, rain drizzle, and gusts of wind.

Asylum 5D will be a virtual tour of an abandoned mental institution, seen through the eyes of the viewers as they spend 12 minutes visiting a series of sinister rooms and corridors.


Xawery Żuławski Will Be Jury Member at Berlin Film Fest

Xawery Żuławski will be member of the International Short Film Jury at this year's Berlin Film Festival. Other members of the Jury are: Zita Carvalhosa, film producer and director of the São Paulo International Short Film Festival; and Max Dax, journalist and chief editor of the German magazine Spex.

The Berlinale Shorts Jury will award the Golden Bear and a scholarship from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), in addition to selecting a short film nominee for the 2010 European Film Awards.


Before the Twilight Wins Filmland Polen

The 7th Filmland Polen New Polish Film Festival has come to an end. The Audience Award for the most interesting feature, also known as "Hannoveranen", went to Before the Twilight by Jacek Bławut.

Filmland Polen is the oldest Polish film festival in Germany. Screenings in four key cities of northern Germany (Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg and Lübeck) take place all year round; their purpose being to promote Polish cinema in Germany.



Feature Film About the Events of December, 1970

Czarny czwartek (Black Thursday), the first feature in Polish cinema dedicated to the events of December 1970 in Poland, is currently in development in Gdynia.